Work Permits

Under this proposal “Global Resources” (GloRes) LLP proposes services for administering work permits obtaining process inclusive qualified preparation of all papers, maintaining effective communication with state authorities and the Client.

The duration of work permits obtaining process is 30-45 working days from the date when required documents were provided until obtaining the original of Work Permit license.


Additional services related to foreigners work in Kazakhstan and provided by GloRes at additional cost include the following:





Search on local labor market via Employment Centers of specialist for the required position (relevant to WP). In case of availability of candidates for the required position, interviewing them and providing report to the Labor Department regarding possibility (or not) for hiring these candidates. 
Preparation of documents required for submission to the Department of the Employment and Social Programs Coordination in order to obtain the work permits;
Submission of application form and other required documents related to obtaining the Work Permit license to Labor Department for related categories.
Representing Customer at the Commission during the consideration of application form for obtaining Work permit license;
Upon obtaining Work Permit License delivering it to the Client personally or via courier service.
Supporting Customer with conclusion of proper Bank agreement with purpose to open Bank guarantee deposit in local Banks for each foreign specialist. In accordance with local legislation the deposit has been using in case of the return needs of expatriate employee to their residence country. Deposit amount covers the cost of airfare from Kazakhstan to the residence country of the expatriate employee. The deposit amount is returned to the Client Bank account when the work permit is expired and special written permission from State Authorities is issued. 

Approval of all actions with the Customer or with responsible person from Customer’s side.

Providing the report about the status of process and completion of work periodically in accordance with Customer’s agreement.
During the process to coordinate the work with State Authorities: constant negotiations, correspondence, submission of official requests, reports with required data, completion of required forms.  




The cost for preparation of the documents and administering the process of work permit application for 1 (one) specialist for year is 370’000 – 400’000 KZT (three hundred seventy thousand to four hundred thousand) in Almaty tenge per position. Price can vary depending on number of positions and is


Negotiable with each client individually:


The prepayment in the amount of 100% shall be made within 5 banking days from the invoice date after receiving official request from the Client for the services.

Additional expenses might apply related for example, to notarization and translation of documents and shall be reimbursed after Client’s approval. All above-mentioned service fees and reimbursement amounts do not include VAT. 

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