Outsourcing is a key strategy for improving the performance and reducing the cost of products / services, by increasing the efficiency of processes. This service includes hire temporary staff, significant cost savings in different stages of production, reduce production costs and increase potential profits. Outsourcing is hiring temporary staff for specific purposes, pursuing global problem of minimizing costs. The strategy of hiring temporary staff can become perfect in a short period, and for long-term projects.


 “Global Resources” undertake the following functions:

 Outsourcing HR administration of the personnel;

 Outsourcing payroll;


In the case of a transfer of business processes (outsourcing) for the execution by an external provider - GloRes, the Customer receives a number of advantages, such as: 

 Attraction (increase) of number of employees, both on a permanent basis and for                    short-term projects (seasonal projects);
 Reduced pressure on accounting and HR administration staff, and as a                                            result - timesaving;
 Ability to focus on key areas of activities;
 To hire personnel even if your company does not have a legal entity on the territory of          Republic of Kazakhstan
 No need for taking personnel on headcount during their probationary period and                    beyond, which allows evaluating potential of employees over longer period without                taking on additional commitments.




The process involves the following steps:

- Initial inventory of personnel documents of the company to determine the total amount of work and to do statistical analysis to estimate the complexity of the project;

- Partial or complete recovery of personnel documents (only when necessary);


Organization of current personnel administration, including registration of:

- business trips of personnel
- annual paid leave
- revocation of staff from vacations
- additional and educational leave
- temporary disability of staff (sick leaves)


- keeping records of working time
- newly hired employees
- transfers of staff
- laid-off employees (terminations)
- training and staff development
- incentives and disciplinary measures based on decisions of Management
- and other documents related to personnel administration


Administration of social package (CLLE – Civil & Legal Liability of Employer, medical insurance, mobile communication and other benefits, if applicable);



GloRes offers outsourcing payroll for employees of the CUSTOMER. The function of payroll is transferred to GloRes, thus for the proper implementation of all necessary communications CUSTOMER and GloRes appoint responsible persons. This service is carried out only under condition of strict confidentiality.


The service includes:

• Entering information for each employee into the system and verification of personal data;
• Calculation of all types of payments ( wages, compensations, bonuses, sick leaves, vacations, etc in accordance with local Labor legislation);
• Calculation of gross wages and salaries on the basis of information provided by the CUSTOMER (salary rates), approved time sheets, along with work orders when piece-rate form of payment is applied, vacations, bonuses, sick leaves;
• Provision of pay slips to the employees of the Customer.

• Calculation of relevant taxes and charges and filling of various forms for obligatory reporting to government bodies;

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