Outstaffing means employment into our staff of already existing and working Clients' personnel which can not be represented in his own staff by any reasons, with subsequent secondment of such employees to the Client. The employees continue working at the previous work and fulfill the same tasks, but the rights and obligations of the employer are being legally moved to Global Resources, which concludes labor agreements, keeps documents, pays charges to the funds in accordance with the current legislation, etc. It is a procedure when employees are officially itemized as Global Resources Ltd.'s employees, and work for a Client under service provision agreement.



Within this service GloRes takes on the owns staff personnel recommended by CUSTOMER


“Global Resources” undertake the following functions:

 Employment of recommended personnel by GloRes according to the                    conditions agreed with the CUSTOMER;

 HR documentation maintenance;

 Executing of documents for sick leaves and vacations;

 Provision of all certificates requested by the employee;

 Calculating and paying of salary and compensations to the employee;

 Calculating and paying of taxes to the funds stipulated by the RK Law;

 Cooperation with state taxation and social authorities concerning all issues          connected with employment.


Extended Services:

Besides the employee’s elimination of CUSTOMER’s staff, GloRes could provides a range of additional services, such:

Provision of meals

GloRes offers two options of this service:

 Providing meals for employees by using food stamp system;

 Transferring of additional monetary compensation


Provision of uniform

GloRes acquires uniform in accordance with the needs of the CUSTOMER. The cost is included in the CUSTOMER's account.

GloRes’s remuneration is 10% of the cost of uniforms. Amount is included in the monthly bill, exhibited for CUSTOMER.


Administration of travelling

GloRes realize sending of employees on the basis of notifications received from customers.
This notice should contain the information about the destination and timing of sending, the amount of advances for travel expenses.

Cost of services includes:

 Amount of documented expenses incurred by GloRes ( transportation, lodging,                        per diem, etc.);

 A refund of income tax withheld from that part of per diem and other expenses that                exceed the standards established by the legislation of the RK;

 GloRes fee for administering the trip of 6000 KZT per trip to Kazakhstan and 9500 KZT          per trip outside the Republic of Kazakhstan;



Making medical insurance policy, life insurance and etc. The price may vary depending on the terms of cooperation and selected insurance programs

Cost of services includes:

 The cost of insurance, confirmed of the insurance company account;

 GloRes fee of 10% of the amount of recoverable costs;


 Cost recovery for mobile communications

GloRes offers two options of this service:


 Direct compensation


Option 1

Compensation for expenses monthly transferred on mobile communication to employees, the amount of which is agreed with the CUSTOMER.

Cost of services includes:

 Compensation for expenses monthly transferred to employees;

 Social tax (11%) of the amount of compensation.

 This option allows CUSTOMERS to optimize their costs, because it doesn’t imply                        remuneration for GloRes


Option 2

Issued corporate SIM-cards to employees. Provider exposes to GloRes monthly bill for services for the provision of mobile communications.

Cost of services includes:

 Bill amount of provider;

 GloRes fee of 10% of the amount of provider;

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