Social mission

 Company mission is to give children a chance to live.

We are determined to put part of our profit for implementing a special charity project. There are so many children in Kazakhstan who need urgent surgeries, which unfortunately at the moment cannot be performed in our country due to lack of or absence of necessary equipment, know-how, qualified specialist of high level for cardio, oncological and neurosurgeries. Sending each child abroad is very expensive – besides the treatment there are also travel and other costs for the child and the accompanying parent/s.

Our goal is to gain enough money to bring high level surgeons from recognized clinics and hospitals to Kazakhstan, specialists who have got good records of successful surgeries performed, so more children in Kazakhstan can get TIMELY necessary surgeries. And whilst they are here  in our country, to arrange master classes, so young and talented Kazakhstani surgeons, who cannot afford to study or to have internships abroad, would have an opportunity to learn from more experienced professionals. More surgeons gain better knowledge and skills, more children will have required help. Every month many children die because they didn’t get help in time...


CSR Award Ceremony 2014       

European Business Association of Kazakhstan (EUROBAK) awarded the company, active in the field of corporate social responsibility.  

Julie Kussidi, CEO EUROBAK: "Rigorous selection criteria included such factors as: the implementation of the project without the support of the public authorities; time spent on the project; number of people involved in the project; and most importantly - the number of people on whom he influenced or changed lives for the better. "
Awards were given in six categories, our company has received the award for "Supporting Children".


We want and are determined to give them a chance to live! At least to as many as possible.

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