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GLORES is offering wide range of services to the companies starting with assistance in developing Organizational Structure, policies and procedures and finishing by implementing training programs for personnel. GAP Analyses of HR Audit results normally indicates what are the aspects in HRM to focus on as priority. In order to make the HR Management efficient, it is necessary to take some actions and GLORES is offering assistance in the following.


Scope of work:

1. Conduct audit of all HR/personnel related documentation for HR administration: company internal regulations, orders, acts, employee files, labour contracts, job descriptions, schedules and time sheets etc.
2. Determine which documents are missing and which are not incompliance with current Labour Legislation
3. Interview employees of HR department and accounting department (payroll)
4. Develop policies on Hiring, Transfer/Relocation, Promotion and Demotion, Termination, Annual paid leave, Disciplinary actions, Segregation of duties etc.

5. Based on HR Audit results give recommendations on how to:

 Complete, if missing, internal orders on main activities and HR orders - all personnel related internal orders (hiring, termination, appointing responsible persons for HSE, safety instructors, appointing responsible persons fire safety, annual leaves, unpaid leaves, if any, business trips etc.)
 Develop procedures – how to apply policies, what are the actions to be taken steps be step. Clear procedures help to avoid misunderstanding among Management, supervisors and personnel and help to avoid mistakes in day to day operations. Once developed and agreed upon with all management who needs to approve, the policies and procedures need to be communicated to employees.
 Develop internal company regulations and documents (Instruction about structural divisions/departments, internal work schedules, instructions on keeping personnel files, HS&E, Material liability contracts etc.).
 Revise employment contracts to ensure compliance with Republic of Kazakhstan Labor Law and regulations. Labor relations are regulated not only by the Labor law, but also by normative acts and it’s important to know which once are applicable to your company and to various categories of employees. Example – employees working in hazardous conditions have different norms of working hours and annual leaves.
 Develop required personnel related documents of the company such as list of positions/jobs, number of people on each position and replacement structure with appropriate internal HR orders (this is a statutory requirement).
 Audit personnel files to ensure they contain all required documents as per local regulations.

 Develop schedule of vacations for all personnel. It’s a challenging task, but it’s a requirement and it’s feasible. No guarantee that employees can stick to the schedule, but them it’s possible to make changes, but it needs to be developed, approved and communicated to employees.
 Special attention should be paid to payroll procedure that is specifying who is approving the salaries, how are the salaries calculated, how the payment is done. This helps to ensure that employees receive the salaries according to their contracts and are paid exactly for the days/hours worked a specific month.
 Develop an HR Information System and HR data base to make HR administration more efficient and accurate.
 Recruitment – we can assist with hiring the right people for the right jobs! Please see separate part on recruitment services. We do the time consuming search, screening, interviewing of candidates and selection of final – good ones. If required, we also conduct reference check.
 Development of forms – Recruitment request form, transfer, termination, exit interview etc.
 Developing Code of Ethics – ethical guidelines for behavior for all company employees. Once agreed upon and approved by Management, should be also communicated to all employees on all levels. We can offer training sessions to ensure that employees understand the Code of Ethics.
 Develop and conduct performance appraisal (PA) – setting up appraisal goals and evaluating performance after certain time. Please see attached a separate part regarding PA.
 Job Mapping – all jobs within the company mapped according to functions, responsibilities etc.
 Grading system - assign Grades to all employees based on their education, experience, proven set of skills and knowledge.
 Motivation programs – if necessary can be developed.
 HR administration and paperwork. We can assist to develop a system – transparent and efficient.
 Training and Coaching for Managers and supervisors – if necessary short training or coaching sessions can be organized for managers and Supervisors on how to do Performance Appraisal, job mapping, interviewing candidates etc.


The scope of work can be modified upon client’s request and depending on the actual needs of the company.


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